Contact for all Fort events – Bill Farmer – Fort Manager
Ft. Boonesborough State Park
4375 Boonesborough Rd.
Richmond, KY 40475
859-527-3131 ext 216 / ftboone@bellsouth.net


Fireside Chats Series –Each Saturday evening in February- Join us for “A Taste of the Frontier”, your evening meal, and then enjoy a first person historical character presentation. Taste of the Frontier served 5:30-6:15, Fireside Chat at 6:45. Admission is $15/person, $5/children under 12. Reservations required/limited seating. The 18th Century Tavern blockhouse will also be open prior to the chats, until about 6:30. If you would like to browse the tavern, please make time to come a few minutes early.

Great Siege of Boonesborough Guided Interpretive Walking Tours – May 3rd, 2014 Come along on a guided walking tour of the original fort site and significant locations relating to the Siege. Visit sycamore hollow, the area of the Indian camp, the springs, the location of the treaty ground and Sacred Elm, and others.

18th Century Court Days – Apr. 26, May 24, Come and discover what Kentucky’s early courts were like before statehood, while we were still a part of Virginia. Those who attend can even participate as officers of the court, or plaintiffs and defendants. Learn how law and order was established and maintained by our early settlers. These programs are free with regular fort admission.

Women on the Frontier – 4/26/2014 to 4/27/2014 – Find out lots of things about the life of a woman on the frontier during this two-day interpretive and interactive event. There will be demonstrations and hands-on learning of 18th century life skills and daily activities in the lives of women. On the frontier, women were frequently called upon to do many things we normally associate only with men. Learn about primitive cooking techniques, woods skills, choosing what to bring to the frontier, and more. This event is free with regular fort admission.

Spring Trade Days – 5/24/2014 to 5/25/2014 – Visit a social and business gathering of merchants, traders, artisans, Native Americans, militia members, longhunters, scouts, and other frontier characters. Listen to period music, visit camps, and shop for 18th century goods as you compare life today to 225 years ago. Go on a guided tour of the original fort site. See a weekend of 18th century history come to life! This event is free with regular paid admission to the fort.

Seven Years War/French and Indian War Encampment – 7/19/ 2014 to 7/20/2014 – This event is presented by The First Virginia Regiment of Foot – Hoggs Company, of the Seven Years War Battalion. See camps, drills, equipment and uniforms of the French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years War. Meet and talk with members of the group to learn about this very important conflict in the history of our nation. Those who wish to register as participants should contact Adam Barnes at for registration information. You can also go on a guided tour of the original fort site. This event is free with regular fort admission.

The 1778 Siege of Boonesborough – 9/27-2014 to 9/28/2014 – Saturday and Sunday - battle re-enactment each day. Come early and spend the day learning about 18th century life in Kentucky. See a Living History Event including militia and settlers’ camps, Native American Village, merchants, traders, food, music and more. Visit the Museum Store and 18th century Transylvania Store. This event is free with regular fort admission.

Touched by the Fire– Blacksmith’s Weekend - 10/04/2014 to 10/05/2014 – Charcoal Burn begins 9/29/2014. See and learn about an ancient craft kept alive even to this day! Join a group of blacksmiths including Randy Wolfe of Bethel Forge as they demonstrate projects and techniques, trade ideas and information, swap tall tales of the forge, and also offer hand forged items for sale. The process of making charcoal in the 18th century will be interpreted all during the week. Blacksmiths are invited to bring along their portable forges, start up a fire and join in! Find answers to your questions, and maybe try your hand at a simple forging project. You can also go on a guided tour of the original fort site and Siege battleground. This event is free with regular fort admission.

Winter Trade Days at the Fort – 11/29/2014 to 11/30/2014 - 18th century merchants and traders in period clothing set up shops in the cabins and blockhouses of the fort. All items for sale are typical of items available in the 18th century. Fort opens at 9:00am each day. This is a great opportunity to do your 18th century holiday gift shopping! There is no admission charge for this event

18th Century Christmas at the Fort – 12/5/2014 – 12/6/2014 – 6pm to 9pm - Visit the Fort to see and hear the differences in the holiday celebrations of the season during the early settlement of Kentucky. The Fort will be lighted by candlelight, with decorations in keeping with the traditions of the time. There will be Living History interpretations of the traditions of various ethnic groups and nationalities during the season. Candle lanterns, bonfires, the Christmas Guns, food and refreshments, music and dance, will all add to the atmosphere. Refreshments are included! This is a special program sponsored by the Fort Boonesborough Foundation. Admission is Adult/ $5 --- Child (6-12)/$3 – under 6- free

Call the park at 859-527-3131 for additional information


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Fort Boonesborough drawing used with permission of the artist, Robert A. Powell